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Why Choose WP Backup Pro?

WordPress management & maintenance plans provide complete control over your web publishing application. Get expert WordPress management and administration for your business. Have your site regularly monitored. Work with the best WordPress developers around the world. WordPress is simple to use, yet having the best functionality from a WordPress based site takes a strong skillset.

As a leading provider of WordPress management & maintenance services we offer the following in-house WordPress solutions to help you manage your websites. Create/Manage WordPress Site - Create/manage WordPress sites to meet your web publishing needs. Manage your WordPress sites from just one location. With our in house WordPress management system you can maintain multiple websites with just one administration panel. Our in house web hosting and maintenance solution enables you to have instant access to your files and backups from any computer, even if you're on the road. View here to get the best wordpress management services.

Optimize Your Webpages - With our in house optimization software you can optimize your web pages and increase your search engine rankings. With our easy to follow WordPress management plans you can easily manage your WordPress websites for maximum optimization results. Using our SEO keyword tracking, you can monitor your competition and see where your keywords are being used. With this information you can develop new keywords to increase your traffic and your page rankings. With our optimization software you can easily monitor your ranking and make necessary changes to improve your search engine results.

Backup Your WordPress Project - Easily backup your main WP database and themes with our backup plugins. There are many plugins available to help manage your main WP database. With our backup plugin you can backup all your WordPress themes individually or you can backup your entire database. With our backup plugin you can manage unlimited sites with a simple click of a button. You can set up unlimited sites with one click of the mouse. With our backup plugin you also have the option to automatically backup your site to a new version each time you change something in your WordPress administration area. To understand more about the WordPress, click here: https://sunnyhq.io/managed-wordpress-hosting/.

Manage All Your WordPress Upgrades & Updates - Manage your WordPress upgrades and updates with our easy to use WordPress upgrade and update control panel. You can perform multiple upgrades and updates throughout your life time with our easy to install, easy to uninstall WordPress plugins. Our plugins allow you to manage your updates and installs in a way that never breaks your back end maintenance routine. With our plugins you can perform updates that automatically occurs with WordPress installations. You can even schedule certain times of the day when certain updates can occur so you never miss that important deadline. With our plugin's even scheduled maintenance is made easy.

Our dashboard provides you with a quick view of your website's performance with our vast base of customizations and plug ins. You can customize our default themes or create your own. If your looking for something that is not provided on our website to check out the WordPress Dashboard: Get more information about this topic here: https://www.britannica.com/technology/WordPress.

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